Here goes my humble opinion on Emma my therapist, a professional but caring therapist. I’m know expert but I read people very well and Emma is one of the most genuine persons I have met in a long time, where she is a survivor of Narcissistic Abuse herself she really understands the pain. She also feels your pain, which has really helped me open up to Emma about the abuse I have suffered. At a time where I felt I was going crazy, being blamed, and accused of being the abuser, Emma heard my voice and my cry’s for help and believed in me.  I am still on my therapy journey with Emma and has much as it is very scary, I trust and respect Emma, and Know’s that she cares about me as a person. Thank you Emma I will never forget the help you have given me in a very dark time in my life. My future looks a lot brighter now.



I’ve followed Emma’s journey from the inception of her Facebook support group all the way through to now where she has qualified as a counsellor with particular expertise in Narcissistic Behaviour.

Until I became aware of Emma, I actually didn’t know what Narcissism was and never would have known that I had suffered many years of Narcissistic abuse from my ex partner.

Because I was aware of Emma and her own recovery journey at the hands of Narcissistic abuse, I felt that she would be the ideal person to help and give me one to one counselling on my own road to recovery.

Not only is she an excellent counsellor, she has also set up an online support group, that meets every week via zoom which gives people a safe place to share, listen and learn from other survivors of Narcissistic abuse. She also runs the Facebook page which is a closed, confidential support to anyone that joins and needs help or advice.

I wish Emma every success and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a safe and secure counselling service.


Republic of Ireland

Emma impressed me immediately with her warmth, brightness and her welcoming and cheerful manner from the very first session I had with her.

She has a deep and genuine empathy which goes beyond patience or tolerance, to actually understanding my feelings in what has been a very difficult time.

Emma is a superb listener, non judgemental and has a honest demeanour and a lovely sense of humour which has given me the space to feel safe and comfortable during our sessions.

When it comes to time-management Emma has kept her boundaries firmly but with empathy always making sure I was safe and feeling ok at the end of our sessions.

Emma’s support networks are organised and robust thanks to her strong organisational and management skills.

Emma is extremely approachable and without hesitation I feel I could go to her with any queries or concerns and I could share my feelings with her in confidence.

I feel confident in giving Emma any feedback from our sessions and know that she will process it and be able to withstand it and will see it as a positive gift.

I trust Emma and value her immensely as my counsellor, To me, I cannot give higher recommendation than this, she is by far the best counsellor that I have seen.

In the time I have known Emma She is able to hold a safe session with ease and can to offer and understand the core conditions, including genuineness/congruence and she knows why these conditions must be in place.

Emma has considerable resilience and inner strength which is a refreshing contrast to her “sunshine” exterior.  She is passionate in her counselling and I feel this most definitely makes her stand out from the rest in her profession.

I would highly recommend Emma and would like to take the time to thank her again for helping me find my smile again.


Kent, UK

Emma – I cant thank you enough for allowing us to share our stories. Your support and guidance is truly appreciated. This is exactly what I need to propel myself to the next chapter of my life.



Emma has helped me massively because ever since I spoke with her about Narcissistic Abuse and what I was going through she gave me the strength to walk away from my abusive relationship and since then I have felt so happy. I’ve now stopped taking the tablets the doctor gave me for depression because I felt I didn’t need them anymore as I now see things differently. With Emma’s help I am now doing what makes me happy and proud to walk around with a smile on my face.


Essex, UK

Thank you Emma, I am finding my counselling sessions very helpful. Being able to talk opening about different situations is helping my recovery and dealing with my past trauma. Knowing you have been through it yourself fills me with much confidence that I can recover too with your help. Thanks again I really appreciate it.



Emma, thanks for everything you are doing for all the victims, relatives and many others in your group. You changed something in our lives. I am so happy I have found a place where I can feel free to share.



Emma really helped me with my anxiety and over thinking. She helped me to question myself and analyse why I have been behaving in a certain way. What I like about Emma was the fact that she not only listened but we discussed together the reasons why rather that “just” being someone to release my thoughts to. I instantly felt I had a better mind set and improved energy after my counselling session. Thoroughly recommend Emma.


Kent, UK