Recovery from alcohol, gambling, drugs, food, sex, gaming, love and other addictions is a long and often exceedingly difficult process. The first step is recognising there is a problem, the second is reaching out for help. It is sometimes easy to overlook the emotional impact of addiction and only focus on the medical side of recovery. In order to address recovery properly you need to find the root of the problem and work on yourself and as well as identifying your triggers. Counselling gives you the space to speak openly and honestly about how you’re really feeling and work through and hurdles along the way while on the journey of recovery.

There are many signs of an addiction. It can have huge impacts on your life and others around you. Recovery is not a destination but an ongoing journey of living a happy and fulfilled life.

Common behaviours and signs of addiction include:

  • withdrawing from social activities or neglecting relationships
  • borrowing money or selling possessions in order to fund their addiction
  • attempting to hide or lie about the habit
  • experiencing frequent mood swings
  • missing work or social events
  • isolating
  • putting the addiction before their health and important needs
  • relationship strain
  • withdrawals
  • health issues