I am so excited to introduce you to MyNARA which I created after experiencing Narcissistic abuse myself.

MyNARA is a narcissistic abuse recovery app for those who are suffering in a romantic relationship with a narcissist. It has been developed by experienced mental health professionals and survivors of narcissistic abuse.

The MyNARA app enables victims to reclaim their lives with practical guidance and tools.

Safety is our number one priority. The App icon is cloaked on your phone so your abuser will not be able to see it is there (it will appear as a very boring utility that will work if used). You will then be prompted to set a PIN code to access it.

NOTE: App store rules prevent us from changing the name of the app, so MyNARA will appear on your home screen below the icon. To keep the app hidden, we recommend you store it in a folder along with your other utilities. If you wish to control how the app is named, you can download it as a web app directly from our website.

All the data you save in the app is encrypted and stored in the MyNARA cloud. No one has access to the data except you. And no one can delete it once saved. This means that your abuser cannot destroy the evidence or persuade you to. Even if you delete the app, it will remain available when you’re ready to come back to it. At a time of your choosing, you can forward your evidence to the police, lawyer or court.

What our community is saying:

“Amazing!! Brilliant app ♥ This is going to help so many.”

“No more worrying someone will find your journal or hack your computer.”

“The exit strategy and the cloaked app are genius ideas!”

MyNARA gives you free access to:

**Recovery toolkit. This includes a daily journal and red flag log to enable you to privately record what’s happening in your relationship. This creates an essential record for the courts (should you decide you need the protection of the law) and it helps you fight against the gaslighting.

**No contact log. We know how difficult it is to break free from the abuser and why you will be tempted to return to them many times. It is a powerful addiction, no less powerful than drugs or alcohol. The no contact log helps motivate you to keep on track when temptation strikes.

**500MB MyNARA cloud storage for text, photos, audio and video. Narcissists are very effective at charming counsellors and the courts. Too often they’re awarded custody of the children and matrimonial home because they come across as more credible than their broken victim. This storage facility provides you with the tools you need to store evidence to prove your case. No-one can destroy your evidence. Lawyers have called it a ‘game changer.’

You can choose one of our subscription packages for access to additional features including:

You can choose one of our subscription packages for access to additional features including:

The NarcAmor™ 12-phase recovery program. Many victims have difficulty in affording or finding the time for a therapist. This professionally developed program gives you a carefully phased guide to managing the practical and emotional impact of the abuse.

What are the practical steps you can take to prepare yourself for leaving?
What is the impact of abuse on your physical health?
How can you stop yourself going back? Why do you keep going back?
How can you ensure you prove your case in court?
When is it OK to start dating again?
How do you avoid dating another narcissist?
How do you spot them early on?

The program answers these and many other questions that victims have. It includes practical exercises as well as video help and notes to guide you through.

Subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the period. You can turn off the auto-renewal at any time up until 24 hours before the end of the subscription period in your Account Settings.

Privacy Policy – https://mynara.app/privacy-policy

Terms of Service – https://mynara.app/terms-of-use

For support, and to learn more about MyNARA and the people behind it, visit https://mynara.app/