I gave an interview to Bustle on “What Lockdown 2 Means for Dating” I’ve given my expert advice on what people should do if they’ve just started dating someone.

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22nd August 2020

Featured in The Daily Telegraph Magazine! Giving my professional advice regarding a controlling relationship.

Featured in Talk Talk & Breaking News IE
I gave an interview on “7 Ways to Stop a Second Wave of Covid Impacting  your Relationship” I’ve given tips and methods to sustain a healthy relationship should we go into lockdown again

On 17/11/20 Emma features in Good To Know – Giving her expert advice on 👶 🍼 “I want a baby and they don’t: what to do when your partner’s not ready to take the next step?”

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“Am I an extroverted introvert?” Experts explain what it really means

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14th August 2020

Featured on TalkRADIO discussing Narcissism & providing professional advice on Narcissistic Abuse. For the full interview go two hrs into the YouTube link 💜

Narcissistic Abuse Podcast by Emma Davey & Jake Shaw (12 Ronnies)

Why do Narcissists Abuse their Victims

Trauma Bonds in a Narcissisitc Relationship

Red Flags in a Relationship